If you want to bridge the gap between you and your clients and add some color to your business, “think Slopey and not sloppy“. Provide for yourself by providing access for all rather than just some and boost your numbers by installing one.


Think Slopey not sloppy!

Ramps Slopey are a product of TravAbled company, the first Croatian travel agency specializing in tourism for people with disabilities, and they are a result of efforts to improve offers accessible to all. These lively, movable and affordable ramps will allow people with disabilities and all people with reduced mobility to enter formerly inaccessible shops, restaurants and similar facilities with one or two steps. Slopeys have been produced according to the highest standards thanks to great expertise and logistics of the Lipovica-Popovača Penitentiary staff, and with their simplicity, variety and universality they are captivating at first sight. With this project we want to stress the need for customized adaptions and point out that the simplest solutions are usually the best ones as well. We strive to position the Republic of Croatia as a truly accessible, contemporary and socially responsible travel destination. Join us in our efforts, improve upon your accessibility and visibility and attract more customers.